Does a system require preventative maintenance?

Yes, it would be comparable to a car

It will operate without preventative maintenance, but your overall cost of operation will be higher if you wait until components fail.

Overall, the amount of maintenance required is directly related to the quality of the system.

A poor system could cost as much as the installation within 5 years. A good system, 15 years.

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Do I need to clean the filters in my sprinklers?

Sometimes they can become clogged

If you see the water pattern being blocked or disrupted, yes.

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Do I need to check the adjustments of my sprinklers?

Not normally

Normal operation of the sprinkler system will not cause the sprinklers to change their settings.

Find your model here if you want to know how: Material

Can you fix sprinklers that are too high or crooked?

Yes, once and for all

Sprinklers should not move if they are installed correctly.

There are instances when even a properly installed sprinkler can move with the heaving and freezing of the soil, but this would be an exception and not the rule.

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My garden has grown and now the water from the sprinklers are blocked. What do I do?

There are a few options

This can be solved;

  • by raising the sprinklers,
  • changing the sprinklers,
  • moving the sprinklers or
  • redesigning the zone completely to water at the roots and not from above.
Can you make my sprinklers spray farther?

It may be possible.

It depends on why they are not spraying far enough.

If they are spraying their maximum distance, then it is not the fault of the sprinkler. It would require changing the layout of the sprinklers.

This is a design failure and can be corrected.

If they are not spraying their maximum distance, it is because they are not getting enough pressure.

This can be a design failure, water obstruction or low water supply pressure.

All of which can be corrected.

Is there a way to increase the water pressure?

There is, but it depends on your municipality

A booster pump could be used to increase the water pressure supplied by the city.

This should only be required to try and correct a poorly designed system or a drop in water pressure supplied by the municipality.

Can you stop the noise in my pipes when the sprinklers operate?

It is possible, but there are many possibilities as to the cause

More often than not, it is because the sprinkler system is using too much water for the size of pipe.

Can you modify or expand my system?

Of course

You have the choice of time-and-material or fixed price.

Can you service systems you did not install?

Of course

We have over 600 clients that have switched from other companies.

Can you repair a nelson system?


We can service and repair any type of system.

Can you repair a toro system?


We can service and repair any type of system.

Can you repair a hunter system?


We can service and repair any type of system.

Can you repair an orbit system?


We can service and repair any type of system.

Can you repair a system installed by a homeowner?


We can fix them or we can simply service them.

We take care of many DIY systems.

I installed my own system, but it is not working properly. can you help?


We can do the repairs or troubleshoot the system so you can fix it yourself.

Can you design a system, and I will install it?

Of course

We design systems for about 20 people a year. 

You have the option of buying the parts from

  • us or
  • a supplier of your choosing.
I am outside your service area, can you still service my system?

No, we cannot.

For more information and a map of our service area, see: Service Area

Why am I not able to purchase a service contract on the website?

Service contracts are available to purchase from January to March each year.

At the end of each season, we evaluate our pricing and costs associated with the service contracts prior to setting the cost for the upcoming season. This is normally completed by the beginning of January, at which point we send out a reminder to all our clients on our mailing list.

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