About Us

We understand that your time is money. No one wants to take time off work and wait for a technician to arrive.

When we make appointments, we keep them. If you want to know the minute your technician is on his way, all you have to do is let us know, we will make it happen. Our business is a people business, and I won’t send any technician out to your property if they don’t exceed our standards. I don’t believe it is fair to our clients to have an inexperienced technician learning on the job while they are being billed full rate. Our technicians have to have a minimum 5 years experience for exactly that reason.
I believe that people “get what they pay for”, and I don’t just mean the customer, I mean us as well. We work in a seasonal industry and employee retention is a large part of what sets us apart. We invest a lot of time in our employees and we need them here year after year. That is why we have the most qualified, hard working employees we can find.

Over the years, I have come to learn what makes our customers happy. It is excellent service, unmatched expertise, and fair pricing. Anything less is unacceptable. If this is the type of company you want working for you, call us.


If for any reason we fail to live up to your expectations, please contact us and let us know via our customer survey form or call us directly. We are always trying to improve, and I believe that there is a lot we can learn from an unhappy customer.

If you ever have a problem that is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact me (Glenn Johnson) directly via phone or use the form below.