Why should you install a "Smart" controller

If you don't, you are wasting water and throwing away money

Seasonal adjustments

If you are interested in learning more, start with this article: Smart Controller or Top 5 Advantages of ET controllers

If you have already done your homework and know how a "Smart" controller works, we have crunched the numbers and present them in this article: Analysis: Managed Allowed Depletion (MAD)

We offer a 5 Year Warranty on new systems

Do you know who else warranties their systems for 5 years - Nobody!

Our warranty

5 year warranty

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Sprinkler system components

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House of cardsNeed help choosing a contractor?

Once you do a little research, you will find most contractors do not install systems according to the provincial or national code. They disregard most of the industries "best practices" in an attempt to keep their costs down and prices low.

This results in an irrigation system that appears to work, but over time you will spend far more money on maintenance and water than what you saved on the installation. 

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When contractors cut corners to lower price, they do so at the expense of quality. In the end, it is the client who eventually pays when the "house of cards" comes falling down.

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