Info Excavation

Before digging in your yard, it is always a good idea to find out where your underground wires, cables, and pipes are running.

There is a free service in Quebec that will come out to your property, free of charge, and locate several public utilities such as telephone, cable TV, natural gas and hydro.

It is called Info-Excavation and you can schedule their services here.

You are responsible for your own wires

Detection of underground wires

Unfortunately, they only locate the public utilities. If you have electrical wires traveling to your cabana,  lamp posts, pool pumps, etc. they will be unable to help you.

We are able to locate and mark any known wires or cables you have running through your property.

By avoiding these wires you can prevent ongoing problems that are often associated with wires that are repaired with a splice and buried back in the ground.

You may think your wires are deep enough

Unfortunately, the regulations below are almost never respected. If you have wires buried in your yard, chances are they are not installed according to the regulations.

We come across dozens of properties every year with improperly installed wires.


Warning! The actual regulations are as follows…

  • Electrical wires that are buried outside are supposed to be installed 24″ below the surface if they are installed in the ground without a conduit.
  • When a conduit is used, that depth is 18″.
If you aren’t sure about the location or depth of your cables, please fill out a Request for Information form or contact us by phone at 450-458-7755.