15 YearsWe are now coming up on our 30th anniversary. We have grown conservatively in these last 15 years, concentrating on quality and service. In effect, filling the void left by what would become the higher volume companies. We now consider ourselves fortunate to have made that choice some 15 years ago. We have set the standard that everyone else seems to be unable or unwilling to reach.

In completely unregulated industries like irrigation and lighting, it is incumbent on the industry leaders to educate our clients on the proper design, installation, and service of irrigation and lighting systems.

Ten years ago, we used to feel sympathetic for client’s who’s systems were poorly designed and installed. They believed the contractor they had hired was installing, at the very least, a properly designed system. For the price they were paying, they weren’t expecting a high-quality system, but they expected competence. Unfortunately, nothing could have been further from the truth. When you don’t receive value for your purchase, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, you always overpay.


Ten or twenty years ago, information was not widely available as it is today.

The consumer had little choice but to trust their contractor, and as a result could be easily fooled. Consumers now have no excuse. There are governmental agencies, organizations and numerous websites devoted exclusively to educating consumers on the industries recommended practices and techniques. Many of which we refer to here on our site.

We don’t try to hide anything, we try to educate. We believe the more informed you become as a consumer, the more power you will have. You will realize the value we have to offer.

We understand that not all consumers are in the market for a system with all the bells and whistles. Some of our clients are, but for many, all they need is a simple system designed and installed properly. Regardless of the size or complexity of your particular project, you can count on all our systems lasting for decades and requiring minimal maintenance. Our job, from the time you contact us, is to listen to your requirements and see if we come up with a solution that meets your budget.

We strive to offer all our clients the best quality and service at the best price we can.

Should you need a certified irrigation or landscape lighting contractor, please contact us.