Spring Opening

Spring blossomThe Spring Opening includes a fixed amount of time to verify, program and adjusts your sprinkler system to ensure it is ready for the upcoming season. The amount of time included in a Spring Opening is dependent on the size of the system and should be sufficient to complete the tasks below.

If we find components that are broken or have failed, we will replace them during the Opening or schedule a return visit automatically. These repairs and any additional labor are not included in the Opening and will be invoiced in addition at our current rates.

Ensure your controller is operating properly.

  • Change the backup battery. (on request, if the battery is dead it will be changed automatically)

Go through a quick preliminary test to verify;

  • Sensors are operating as expected.
  • Each valve is turning on and off.
  • There are no major leaks or broken sprinklers.
  • Turn off any zones at the controller that are not operating properly or leaking.
  • Take note of any problems.

Go through a more comprehensive, secondary test, to make adjustments and verify;

  • The sprinklers are operating and adjusted properly.
  • The sprinklers are not blocked by plant growth.
  • The sprinklers have not sunk into the ground.
  • The sprinklers are not crooked.
  • The sprinklers are not too high.
  • Pipes are not leaking.
  • Pipes are not exposed.
  • Take note of any problems.

Program your controller according to one of the following;

  • Municipal bylaws. (see: Municipal watering restrictions)
  • Clients request.
  • Our suggestions.
  • Set the “season adjust” to match current seasonal conditions. (to be adjusted monthly by client or JI under contract)


The amount of time we can spend on each opening is limited to ensure that all our clients will have a chance to have their system started by early June.

Should there be items or components that do not work, and our technicians did not have enough time to make these repairs during the Opening, the office will be advised and a subsequent appointment will be scheduled automatically to make the system operational.

When the technician leaves, he will have as many zones operating as possible. As these conditions arrive, they will be scheduled and prioritized as follows;

  1. the entire system not working
  2. multiple sections not working
  3. one section not working

If we need to return, any repairs and labor beyond that included in the Opening we will be invoiced by the minute at our current rates. We will waive the minimum one hour Service call.

Please be advised that we DO NOT perform any modifications during the spring opening.

If you have modifications or maintenance you would like done, make sure you give it to the technician as soon as he arrives. They will then take note of what is required to solve the problem and the office can contact you to schedule the work. At that point, you can proceed either on a time and material basis or fixed price.

All modifications and maintenance work will have to wait until after our spring openings are complete.