Only the best products pass our tests

Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the quality, reliability, and efficiency of irrigation products available. But with so many different manufacturers, how do we decide which products to use?

Having been in business for two decades, we have learned to value reliability above all else. Whenever possible, we will not use any product until it has been on the market in a seasonal climate for a year. This isolates us from some of the catastrophic product launches that have occurred in the past, which only became evident a year after. Reliability is followed closely by performance and efficiency. With our focus on water conservation, efficiency and performance of a given product are integral in our selection process.


Rain Bird 5004: 5 Year Warranty

Rainbird 5004Perfect for large areas of grass

A staple in the irrigation industry for the past 10 years.

We’ve been using this rotor for just over 10 years, and have been extremely pleased with it.

We have found it to be the best rotor for close-in watering and has a very even application over its entire radius.

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Spray Body

Rain Bird 1800: 5 Year Warranty

Rainbird 1800 Perfect for small to medium areas of grass where we use the 4” model (1804), or in gardens where we use the 12” model (1812).

The question to ask is not why we use this spray body, it’s why doesn’t everyone use it. Rarely do you come across a product which absolutely dominates its competition like this spray body does? We’ve been using it for just over 10 years and could not be any happier.

Many companies still use a 4″ spray body in gardens to save some money, while we use the 12″ 1800 anytime it is in a garden. If both types were installed at the same height, the 12″ model gives plants an extra 8″ to grow before they start to obstruct the spray.

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Spray Nozzle

Rain Bird U-Series: 5 Year Warranty

Rainbird 1800 nozzlesPerfect for grass or gardens.

The efficiency in which this spray nozzle applies water is what drew us to it. Compared to what most companies are installing, the U-Series nozzle alone can save up to 30% of water used. We’ve been using it for over 5 years with increasing frequency, and as of 2011, it accounted for almost all of our spray nozzles.

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Rotary Nozzle

Hunter MP Rotator: 5 Year Warranty

Hunter MP RotatorPerfect for medium-large areas of grass, and grass-garden mixed.

A relatively new product at just over 5 years, it has been a game changer. With new patterns and distances being introduced every year since its debut, along with its high efficiency, it has almost completely replaced medium distance rotors.
With its gentle streams in comparison to a rotor, it is perfect for those times that a sprinkler needs to water grass and plants at the same time with distances over 15′.

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Rain Bird 100DV: 5 Year Warranty

Rainbird 100DVWhile valves are perhaps the least visible component in any irrigation system, they are arguably the most important.

Reliability is key when choosing a valve.

With its dual filtration system at the solenoid and diaphragm, along with its external bleed, we have found it to be extremely reliable.

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Rain Bird ESP-Me: 3 Year Warranty

Rainbird ESP-MeControllers are the brains behind an irrigation system.

With an increasing amount of municipalities enacting strict watering by-laws, making the most out of available watering time has never been so important. Variety and quantity of programming options are essential in order to water when needed.

ESP-Me Key Features ESP-Me Manual

Rain Bird ESP-SMTe “SMART CONTROLLER”: 3 Year Warranty

Rainbird ESP SMTe Smart ControllerIf water conservation and a healthy landscape are as important to you as they are for us, a Smart Controller is for you. The ESP-SMT offers a cost-effective weather based system.

With an external weather sensor, along with specific information unique to your landscape and irrigation system, the ESP-SMT automatically adjusts the run times of each zone. It has received the prestigious Water Sense label.

For an in-depth look at the extraordinary benefits of having a Smart Controller, please click here.

ESP-SMTe Key Features ESP-SMT and EPA Water Sense ESP-SMTe Manual

Hunter HC and PRO HC “WIFI CONTROLLER”: 3 Year Warranty

Hunter Pro HC

Manage your irrigation controller from anywhere worldwide using your smart device or web browser with Hydrawise web-based software.

Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, the wind, and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. Add a simple-to-install flow meter and set up automatic notifications to alert you of broken pipes or sprinklers.

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Rain Sensor

Wired: Hunter MINI-CLIK: 5 Year Warranty

Hunter MiniClikNo other component of an irrigation system saves as much water as a rain sensor, and as such, many municipalities have by-laws which require them.

A properly installed rain sensor will suspend all watering once it has detected an adjustable amount of rainfall.

The Mini-Clik has been the most dependable wired rain sensor for over 15 years.


Wireless: Rain Bird WR2: 3 Year Warranty

Rainbird WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze SensorPreviously, wireless rain sensors have been unreliable at best.  Even Rain Birds first attempt at a wireless rain sensor was unsuccessful.  That all changed 3 years ago when Rain Bird introduced the WR2.  Signal strength and battery life can be viewed at the controller, and as of the writing of this article, the WR2 is the only rain sensor, wired or wireless, where the user can adjust the set point(the amount of water required to suspend watering), at the controller.  Adjustment of the set point on all other rain sensors is done at the rain sensor itself, often requiring climbing a ladder to access it.



Rainbird XFS Sub-Surface DriplineDue to the way drip irrigation applies water, no other product is as efficient in applying water where it is needed. Water is applied directly to the soil/roots via a series of pipes arranged in a grid-like pattern with pressure compensated emitters every 12″. Because of this, no water is lost due to wind or evaporation before it even reaches the ground, like with traditional sprinklers. With the highest Distribution Uniformity (DU) of any other method of watering at 90%, it is the best choice for nearly any application where water conservation and the health your landscape is the only objective.While it is used extensively in areas of the world where water conservation is a priority, it is barely used in the Montreal region. We have been trying to educate current and future clients on the benefits of using drip for several years now with limited results. The number one reason we are given for clients opting not use drip irrigation is that it makes gardening more difficult due to the amount of tubing just under the surface.

It is important to note that many municipalities recognize the efficiency of drip irrigation, and as a result, it is often exempt from water bans.


Backflow prevention devices are mandatory on all irrigation systems. A backflow device is generally a brass assembly that will prevent any water from the sprinkler system from getting into the drinking water supply. It is mandated by law and must be installed.

There are 3 different types usually used by irrigation companies and are shown to an approximate scale:

Dual check (Illegal)

Backflow Dual Check

Double check (Legal / Illegal depending on municipality)

Backflow Double Check

Double check Reduced Pressure Zone (Legal)

Backflow Reduced Pressure