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Winterization Service

We offer this service each fall, starting around the end of September and plan to have everyone completed by the end of October.

All of our clients who sign up for our service contracts will have this scheduled automatically once you advise us when the water will be off. Please remember, one of the conditions of your service contract is that you will have the water turned off by October 1st

For those that do not have a service contract, all you have to do is call our office, fill out our form or purchase the closing online.

We only close sprinkler systems during the months of September, October, and (weather depending) November

You will ONLY be able to purchase this service during the months of September and October. The ability to purchase a closing will be disabled for all other months.

To properly schedule the hundreds of systems we need to empty, we need to know by October 15th when the system will be ready to be emptied. This is to ensure we are able to schedule everyone by the end of October when freezing damage is likely to start occurring.

Freezing Damage

We want to make sure homeowners are aware of the consequences of improper drainage of sprinkler systems.

Besides the immediate and obvious effects that freezing water has on the sprinklers and valves, the damage to pipes is less obvious. Over the years, if you do not remove enough of the water, the effects of repeated water expansion inside the pipes can weaken those pipes and lead to failure. If your system contains any PVC pipe, there is no question; improper drainage will almost certainly result in immediate damage.

Should you do it yourself?

While we always try to educate our clients on how to take care of their own systems, however, we do not recommend performing this yourself unless you plan on using a very large compressor. Worst case scenario, your system can be completely destroyed come spring time. Best case scenario, you will do long term damage to the system and reduce its life.

Please consider reading the following article if you are seriously considering it.

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