Service Contracts offer our customers a simpler and more economical way to schedule their seasonal services.

Regular seasonal services, such as the Fall Closing and Spring Opening, will be arranged automatically so our customers no longer need to remember to call us.

Service Contracts Due March 31

Service technician

Check-ups, filter cleaning, fertilizer refills, can be scheduled in advance and automatically at any interval you request. We automatically schedule your appointments when the time is right and ahead of others who call us on an as-needed basis.

Why do we offer Service Contracts?

There is an advantage to us as well.

By signing up for a Service Contract in advance of the season starting, our office staff is better able to plan out our purchasing and staffing requirements for the upcoming season. That’s why they are due by March 31st.

By planning the season in advance, we are better able to increase our operating and scheduling efficiency. This inevitably saves us money and thus, in turn, we pass that along to our clients in the way of discounted service pricing.

How are Service Contracts scheduled?


The scheduling of openings are completed in three stages based on Contract status. Premium, Value and then all others.

Appointments are scheduled Monday to Friday, either in the morning or afternoon.


The closing service is completed in three stages as well, in reverse order of the openings.

Appointments are not given for closings. If an appointment is required or requested, there will be an additional charge.

Every client with a Service Contract will be offered an appointment according to the schedule above. We will do our best to accommodate all appointment requests. Multiple scheduling options will be offered according to your Service Contract. If the appointments we have available are not suitable to your schedule, you may elect to delay your appointment to a date that is more convenient but there will be no adjustment to your contract.

To be eligible for a Service Contract, you must have a point of connection outside to facilitate the winterization of your sprinkler system and be prepared to abide by the schedule above for your closing. Failure to respect these deadlines can result in additional charges.

We cannot perform the Closing of a sprinkler system until we receive confirmation that both the client and the system are ready. Reminders will be emailed each year, however, each client is responsible for advising us when the system will be ready to be winterized. If we are not advised, or the system is not ready, prior to the contract deadlines will result in additional charges or the loss of Service Contract discounts.