Service technician

Service Contracts offer our customers a simpler and more economical way to schedule their seasonal services.

Regular seasonal services, such as the Fall Closing and Spring Opening, will be arranged automatically so our customers no longer need to remember to call us.

Check-ups, filter cleaning, fertilizer refills, again, all automatic. We automatically call when the time is right and ahead of others who just call us on an as-needed basis.


If you use water from a lake or river or are using a water supply greater than 1″ diameter, please contact us for a customised price.

The Residential Service Contracts are only for clients who use city water.


There is an advantage to us as well.

By signing up for a Service Contract in advance of the season starting, our office staff is better able to plan out our purchasing and staffing requirements for the upcoming season. That’s why they are due by March 31st.

By planning the season in advance, we are better able to increase our operating and scheduling efficiency. This inevitably saves us money and thus, in turn, we pass that along to our clients in the way of discounted service pricing, i.e. Service Contracts.


In the event that service is needed, you will receive priority scheduling at a discounted rate.

This work will be provided at a more economical price than if we were contacted on an “as needed” or “per job” basis outside of a contract.

The reduced total cost of your system’s maintenance, combined with the discounted rates on additional service, make Service Contracts an appealing option for all our customers.