What are they?

Service contracts are service programs that include all the service you need to operate and maintain your sprinkler system for one season.

  • The Premium and Value service contracts all include the starting of your system in the spring and the closing of your system in autumn.
  • Either Contract can include extra labor for preventative maintenance or repairs at discounted rates. Upon request.
Why should I get a service contract?

Because you will save 5% on your labor required to operate your system.

In addition, we will call you automatically to schedule these services and you will get them before others.

Service Contracts

What do they include?

The Premium and Value service contracts all include the starting of your system in the spring and the closing of your system for winter.

A full list of included services and discounts are located here:

Service Contracts

Why can't I purchase one now?

The service contract deadline is March 31 so that we know, in advance of the season, how many clients we have to service.

We can be more efficient if we know who we have to service and when.

Once we start planning and opening systems, there is no more scheduling advantage for us.

Since we lose that ability to increase our efficiency, we can no longer pass along the discounts to our clients.

Are there exceptions to the deadline?

Yes there are

Most often for clients who did not know they existed until after the deadline.

We will allow the purchase of a service contract after the deadline on a case by case basis.

Where can I purchase them?
  • You can request them online. We will receive your request and send you a quote.

Service Contracts

  • You can call us and advise us of your choice and we will send you the service contract.

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How can I purchase them?

There are 2 purchase options:

  • Request via our website.
  • Call the office to renew or set up a new service contract.

We will then email or mail you an invoice for the service contract.
Your contract will only become active once your payment is received.

The payment options are:

  • Send in a cheque.
  • Pay via credit card on our website.
  • Pay via Interac.
  • Setup automatic payments.
  • Call us and pay via credit card over the phone.
Can you arrange to automatically renewal my Service Contract?

Yes we can

You can have your service contract renew automatically and we will charge your credit card once it is due.

Please call the office to set up automatic payments.

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