Save water and protect your lawn by simply changing your programming.

Please be careful when you adjust your “Seasonal Adjustment”, we have programmed your controller to stay inside your watering restrictions up to 100%. If you go above 100%, you can water longer than your municipality allows.

If your controller is not listed below, please consult our list of manuals


Rainbird ESP-M
Rainbird ESP-M
  1. Turn the dial to “SEASONAL ADJUST %”
  2. The display shows the current seasonal adjustment percentage
  3. Press “+” or “-” to adjust the percentage, in 10-point increments.
  4. Return the dial to “AUTO.” When the seasonal adjust percent is set higher or lower than 100 percent, the display shows “SEASONAL ADJ”.


Rainbird EC
Rainbird EC
  1. Turn the programming dial to “WATER BUDGET”.
  2. The number 100 appears in the display. This indicates that all stations are running at 100% of their programmed watering time.
  3. Use the “+” or “-” buttons to increase or decrease the “WATER BUDGET”.
  4. When the Water Budget percentage is set to any figure other than 100, all programs (A, B, and C) display a percent sign(%) in front of the program letter.
  5. After setting the Water Budget percentage, turn the programming dial back to “AUTO”. All station run times will be increased or decreased by the selected Water Budget percentage.


Toro TMC 212
Toro TMC 212

Please note that the older version which is grey, utilizes the same steps.

  1. Turn the control dial to the “SEASON ADJUST” position. The season adjust display will be shown and 100% will be flashing.
  2. Check the “PROGRAM” switch setting. If necessary, reposition the switch to select the desired program.
  3. Press the +/ON or –/OFF until the desired adjustment value is flashing.
  4. To apply the Season Adjust feature to another program, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Return the control dial the “RUN” position.

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